From the way it is, there are many bloggers in this world but not all blog passes google requirement and also escape the copyscape review. S...

How to make money starting a video Blog on blogger

From the way it is, there are many bloggers in this world but not all blog passes google requirement and also escape the copyscape review. So many copy and paste articles everywhere and the funniest part is they do not even give credit to the website they copy from but this is not the topic we are discussing right now.

Now back to the topic, How to make starting a video blog on blogger? Wow! is it possible? The  simple answer is YES. You can start a video blog on blogger platform and make money from it.

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  • How to make money blogging
  • how to start a video niche blog
  • how to blog on blogger on video niche
  • make money on video blog on blogger platform
  • list of advert you can use on video niche blog
  • Advertising network for video blog

Making money from a blogging is very sweet only if you know what you are doing via blogging. Video niche is very easy to run and manage and there are various source you can get information from but not copy and then paste. When you copy and paste, it make your blog vunerable to be reported to DMCA and then your site would be taken down or you loose your traffic or SEO in just one mistake which you can avoid.

How to make money blogging? This is very easy. There are many Advertising network out their looking for publishers or bloggers like you to display their Ads on your blog and in turn they pay you for it.
Example of Advert network you can sign up for are Adsense, PropellerAds, MediaNet, RevenueHits, Mgid etc

You can start a video niche on blogger platform but how? Well, it so simple, cheap and less stress. Blogger platform offer a dashbaord for free, all you need to do to make it exclusive is by customizing your blog and making use of a custom domain with a dot com, net or net extension. Using a well responsive theme that suite your video niche blogger blog.

Where can you source out Videos, latest collection movies, best download movies and so on. There are many website that started longer than you on the niche. You google it and make sure you do not copy and paste but edit and rewrite the all article using your own English but make sure your English is well constructive and easy to read and understand.

What Makes video niche blogging on blogger cheap? The simple reason is because you will not be needing hosting account to upload Videos and then making it downloadable but if you're blogging from blogger platform you do not need  to upload a video or movies on your blog. you link back to other big video downloading website to their download file source link to the particular movies you'd be downloading from.

Making money from a video blog is so much fun. You place Adverts on your blog, you get paid review on video paying gig from companies and so on.

Lastly, Blogging on video niche is lot more easy if you're like me who love to download movies on daily basis both collection and season movies which are mostly America movies.

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